Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Everyone has a role in making healthcare safe—physicians, healthcare executives, nurses, and technicians. Pioneers Medical Center has made safety a priority. You, as the patient, also play a vital role in making your care safe by becoming an active, involved, and informed member of your healthcare team.

Your rights and responsibilities as a patient:

  • Patients (or their representatives) have the right to participate in the development and implementation of their plan of care. (§482.13(b)(1));
  • The right to make informed decisions regarding the patient’s care may also be exercised by the patient’s representative as permitted under state law. This right to make informed decisions includes being informed about the patient’s health status, being involved in care planning and treatment, and being able to request or refuse treatment. (§482.13(b)(2));
  • The patient has the right to formulate an advance directive, which may include delegation of the right to make decisions about the patient’s care to a representative, as well as designation of a support person. The regulation further requires that notice be given to the patient concerning the hospital’s advance directive policy. (§482.13(b)(3), which references §489.102);
  • A family member or representative of the patient’s choice must be promptly notified of the patient’s admission to the hospital. (§482.13(b)(4)); and
  • Patients have the right to designate visitors who shall receive the same visitation privileges as the patient’s immediate family members, regardless of whether the visitors are legally related to patient. (§482.13(b) and §485.635(f)).

The “Speak Up” program, sponsored by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, urges patients to get involved in their care. Research shows that patients who take an active part in their care are more likely to have better outcomes. PMC welcomes your voice and encourages you to use these tips to help involve yourself in your care.

Speak Up brochure

We encourage our patients to be active participants in their health care through the use of the “Speak Up” program.

S peak up if you have any questions or concerns, and if you don’t understand, ask again.
P ay attention to the care you are receiving. Ask questions when you don’t understand.
E ducate yourself about your diagnosis, medical tests and plan of care.
A sk a trusted family member or friend to be with you if you are unable to ask questions for yourself.
K now what medications you take.

U se a health care organization that has undergone rigorous on-site evaluations.
P articipate in decisions about your treatment. You are the center of your health care team.

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