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Pioneers Medical Center will be using MEDITECH Expanse as our web-based Electronic Heath Record (EHR). This fully mobile, web-based EHR solution allows our healthcare professionals to provide a more comprehensive view of your medical history that can be accessed by any of our other doctors, nurses and clinicians. Since this platform is cloud-based, our team can access your patient records, place orders and document your care at any time, from any location, on any device. MEDITECH Expanse allows PMC to elevate the quality of care we provide while providing a better patient experience.

What Is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) System?

MEDITECH Expanse EHR systemAn Electronic Health Record (EHR) system provides a platform where your medical history can be stored digitally by your healthcare provider. It ensures that your physician is always kept up to date with your medical history, recent conditions and test results, regardless of where you last received care.

MEDITECH is the most commonly used EHR among rural, critical access hospitals. Their system allows for better tracking of your health progress with the help of virtual visits and remote monitoring.


MEDITECH is widely regarded as the industry leader in EHR technology:

In addition, the global healthcare research firm KLAS ranked MEDITECH Best in “Klas” for Acute Care EHRs for nine consecutive years.

How Does Our Adoption of MEDITECH Expanse Benefit Our Patients?

Simply put, MEDITECH provides a better patient experience. You’ll receive a variety of benefits from our adoption of the MEDITECH Expanse EHR platform:

Raising the Bar for Healthcare on the Western Slope

Pioneers Medical Center is committed to delivering the exceptional healthcare services you deserve. In addition to providing some of the most highly trained and experienced physicians in the region, we use the most advanced technology to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. Our adoption of the MEDITECH Expanse EHR is one of the many ways we’re able to raise the bar for your healthcare, allowing you to enjoy the life you love each and every day.

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