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Patient Handbook

Patient Handbook For Pioneers Medical Center

Welcome to Pioneers Medical Center

Pioneers Medical center is dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare for you and your family, and we work hard to deliver an amazing experience every time you visit our hospital. We’ve created this handbook to provide the important information you need when you visit us. If you have additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask your physician or nurse.

It is our privilege to be your healthcare provider. We understand you have many options, and we appreciate you trusting us with your important medical treatments. We take our responsibility to you very seriously, and our team is always striving to improve the levels of care we deliver. As your dedicated healthcare partner, we encourage you to share your feedback about the service we provide by calling the Administration Office at (970) 878-9260.

Thank you for choosing Pioneers Medical Center.

Our Mission & Beliefs

Pioneers Medical Center’s Purpose

We are driven by our purpose of making people feel cared for.


  • We Care About People – We see each person and a unique and special individual, we listen, personally invest, and get to know and understand others. We give of ourselves to help and care.
  • We Strive – We continuously improve, we go the extra mile, we treat challenges as opportunities for growth, and always make the effort to exceed expectations.
  • We Lead – We innovate, we engage, educate and build community, we bring the best talent and services, and we set and measure against our own high standards.
  • We Win Together – We help, collaborate and excel together. As our patients, residences, team and communities thrive, so do we.

Statement of Beliefs

Those who serve within Pioneers Medical Center support and uphold the following beliefs as the basis for decision-making and service provisions:

  • We exist to respond to the health needs of individuals and families in our community to the fullest extent that human and material resources will allow.
  • Every person enjoys special dignity and equal worth. Recognition of this dignity demands that acceptance, compassion and respect characterize relationships among those who serve and with those served.
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To Place a Call

In-House Calls
Dial the last 3 digits of the number.
Patient Financial Services and Billing ext. 723
Facilities Management Department ext. 315
Food Service ext. 173
Nurses Station ext. 146
Administration ext. 770

Outbound Calls: 8 +1+ (area code) + (seven-digit number)

Main Hospital/Operator (970) 878-5047
Meeker Family Health Center (970) 878-4014
Rio Blanco County Social Services (970) 878-9640
Rio Blanco County Public Health & Nursing (970) 878-9520

Telephones are provided in each room. Your family and friends are welcome to call your room directly, by dialing (970) 878-9 plus your room number. For example, if you are in room 309, your phone number would be (970) 878-9309. To make an outgoing call from your room, you will need to dial 9 and then the number.

Patient Responsibilities

As a patient at Pioneers, we encourage you to:

  • Ask your doctor or nurse what to expect regarding pain and pain management.
  • Discuss pain relief options with your doctors and nurses.
  • Work with your doctor and nurse to develop a pain management plan.
  • Ask for pain relief when pain first begins.
  • Help your doctor and nurse assess your pain.
  • Tell your doctor or nurse if your pain is not relieved.
  • Tell your doctor or nurse about any worries you have about taking pain medication.

To help determine pain levels and measure changes, a caregiver may ask you to choose a face from a chart.

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Safety & Security

We carefully vet our staff to ensure they meet the high standards of excellence we’ve established. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your safety and security is always a top priority.

We partner with our patients and encourage them to be active participants in their health care through the use of the “Speak Up” program.

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Chapel and Spiritual Care

We believe that total patient care demands attention to the spiritual, as well as the physical and emotional, needs of each patient. The Chapel is available for your use 24 hours a day. Please ask your nurse if you need directions. If you would like to speak with a chaplain or pastor, a member from the nursing staff can contact them for you. Your church or spiritual leader is always welcome to visit you while you are here.


Volunteers contribute many hours of service and financial assistance to Pioneers Medical Center, which is a not-for-profit facility. The services and assistance our volunteers deliver may vary, but they play an integral part in supporting the hospital and the care we provide.

Special Services

PMC has a wide range of resources to help you take control of your healthcare choices. Living wills, end-of-life decisions, and interpreters for patients who don’t speak English as a first language are just a few of the special services we provide to assist you.

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Family & Friends

We understand the importance of seeing loved ones while you’re recovering in the hospital. Our visitor policies have been created with the goal of making this a great experience.

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Hospital Bills & Insurance

Do you have questions about your hospital bill or how to file your insurance claim? We’ve got you covered.

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Going Home

Make sure you plan ahead to ensure you’re prepared for your discharge from the hospital. Discover some important things to remember as you plan.

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We adhere to all HIPAA standards and regulations regarding privacy of protected health information.

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