Pioneers Medical Center Upgrades to a Multi-Slice CT Scanner

Patients and physicians at Pioneers Medical Center can now access the latest diagnostic imaging technology for CT (computed tomography) scanners. Our new CT Scanner produces crisp, detailed images of the head and body in seconds. This new equipment will reduce testing time and improve the accuracy of the imaging results—enabling physicians to detect and treat … Continued

Digital Mammography Is Now Available At Pioneers Medical Center

Pioneers Medical Center is pleased to announce that the latest in digital mammography technology is now available in our radiology department. “Screening mammography is still recognized as the most effective tool available for the early detection of breast cancer,” said Lois Roberts, PMC Mammography Technologist “And according to a recent landmark study, digital mammography offers … Continued

PMC Board Approves 2009 Budget and Digital Mammography Equipment

Last Thursday, at the monthly Pioneers Medical Center Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved the 2009 Management Plan and Budget, and the purchase of Digital Mammography equipment. The 2009 Management Plan identifies the major areas of focus for the coming year. Some highlights from the Plan are: Ensure local access to primary care and … Continued

PMC Board Approves Purchase of New CT Scanner

Last Thursday, at the monthly Pioneers Medical Center Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved the purchase of a multi-slice Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanner. Currently, PMC utilizes a single-slice CT Scanner. “A multi-slice scanner will improve diagnosis time and enhance accuracy,” stated John Kapushion, PMC Radiology Manager. The new CT Scanner demonstrates how technologic innovations … Continued

PMC Passes Trauma Survey with Flying Colors

It has been busy at Pioneers Medical Center. In the past few weeks PMC has passed their three-year Trauma Survey, been re-certified for mammography services, received a $50,000 grant and celebrated employees with 25 years of service. On April 30, 2009, PMC had an on-site visit from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment … Continued

PMC Board Held Annual Meeting and Election of Officers

Thursday, May 22, 2008 during the Pioneers Medical Center Board of Directors monthly meeting Richard Ellsworth, Patrick Hooker and Tom Allen took the oath to serve on the PMC Board of Directors. In April of even numbered years, the Eastern Rio Blanco Healthcare Services District (Healthcare District) holds a public election for seats to the … Continued

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