• High tech tools in the hands of Fellowship trained surgeons takes orthopedic care to a whole new level!

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  • Orthopedic Knee & Hip Revision Procedures

    Our world-class, Fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons customize their treatment for each patient with the use of techniques that provide the best results for each patient with the least pain and shortest recovery times possible.

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  • Hitachi Echelon Oval wide bore MRI machine

    The Echelon Oval’s ultra-wide 74 cm opening and the short overall length promote a level of patient comfort with no compromise on field of view or image quality. A positive patient experience is enhanced by adjustable airflow, lighting and two-way communication. Ultra-wide 74 cm oval bore accommodates the extra-wide 63 cm patient friendly table.

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  • Early detection saves lives

    Schedule your mammography scan today!

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  • Is your elderly or disabled loved one in need of 24-7 care?

    PMC’s Walbridge Wing is known throughout western Colorado for providing loving care in a smaller, more intimate, yet state-of-the art facility.

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The Care You Count On

Pioneers Medical Center is a community-based healthcare facility focused on building life-long partnerships with our patients to empower them to achieve optimal health. In addition to our hospital and emergency facilities, we collaborate with leading physicians to provide local care for your cardiac, orthopedic, oncology, urology and internal medicine needs. We treat our patients like a valued family member, regularly ranking in the 90th percentile for our acute care services compared to similar hospitals across the nation. The Walbridge Wing continues to earn a “5-Star Nursing Facility” ranking, the nation’s highest distinction. Whether for an emergency, serious illness, surgical procedure, lab test, radiology scan, chronic disease management, preventative care, home health service or long-term care and from infants to adults to seniors, we provide The Care You Count On.

Meals on Wheels

PMC offers nutritious meals for those that are unable to cook for themselves through the MOW program.

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Prescription Refills:

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