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October Employee of the Month | Bruce Adams

The nomination form stated, “I believe Bruce should be nominated as employee of the month because he does not stop at doing a good job– he moves his commitment up a notch to doing an exceptional job! He picks up extra trash in departments that haul out their own trash, pitched in and helped with the painting on the Wing, shovels snow off the sidewalks in the winter, has helped sweep and mop the hall floors and brings in flowers to brighten up the place and bring smiles to those receiving them. Bruce always has a smile and a kind word for everyone and usually has a funny joke to share to start out the day. I appreciate that every time I ask him to do something “when he has a chance”, most of the time he will stop whatever he is doing and do it right away. Bruce truly cares about his staff. Not only does he praise his staff often, he provides the little extras to them (a turkey at Thanksgiving, etc.) that shows his appreciation. He holds lunch staff meetings monthly and the department takes turns bringing the food. This turns a staff meeting into a team-building, social event. Not only does Bruce manage his department well, but he takes on responsibilities where he sees the need in other departments. Many times he has covered for the plant operations department with on-call duties, and he recently took on the management duties for the Laundry (without having to be asked) when Jamie was out ill. Bruce is a dedicated PMC employee who goes above and beyond what is expected of him and makes PMC a better facility because of his commitment!”

We congratulate Bruce on being awarded Employee of the Month! This honor signifies his exceptional management of the Environmental Services Department and his willingness to go above and beyond and chip in where ever he is needed! We appreciate him!

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