Pioneers Medical Center offers personalized, compassionate service from fellow community members who understand the importance of always doing what’s best for you. Women-specific health services include:


At Pioneers Medical Center, our Mammography technologists are accredited through the American College of 3D-mammo-pmc-meekerRadiology (ACR), meeting the national requirements to ensure the highest standards of care. The Radiologists who oversee the department also must meet the same stringent standards. Yearly continuing education is a requirement for maintaining their licenses.

PMC now offers 3D Mammograms. There are a couple significant benefits of 3D Mammography that improve the patient care and safety. The first is the clarity of the image is much improved and will allow for a better read of the images. And the patient will be exposed to about 50% less radiation.

There are a variety of services provided in this department.

  • Detailed mammogram screenings. (Recommended for women annually beginning at the age of 40.)
  • Diagnostic mammograms

Important reminders:

  • Breast self-exams are important for women to perform monthly to help in finding any changes in your breast(s).
  • Mammograms may help in finding anomalies up to 3 years before they can be felt.
  • A small percentage of breast cancers are not visible on mammograms.
  • 85% of breast biopsies are benign.

Source: Being proactive in your health can save your life!

To schedule a mammogram appointment: call (970)-878-9269
A prescription or order from your doctor is not necessary.

Mammography Hours

7:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, by appointment only.


Pioneers Medical Center
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Prescription Refill

Prescription Refills:

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