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PMC Board Approves 2009 Budget and Digital Mammography Equipment

Last Thursday, at the monthly Pioneers Medical Center Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved the 2009 Management Plan and Budget, and the purchase of Digital Mammography equipment.

The 2009 Management Plan identifies the major areas of focus for the coming year. Some highlights from the Plan are:

Ensure local access to primary care and specialty physician services.
Implement service enhancements in long-term care.
Achieve growth in outpatient services. (e.g. Increase outpatient surgery and special procedures available at PMC.)
Improve the safety and clinical quality of service, on an ongoing basis.
Maintain state-of-the-art diagnostic technology appropriate for the scope of services offered at PMC.

The PMC Board of Directors approved this plan for staff to begin implementing next month. Additionally, the Board and staff will engage in a strategic planning process to address the needs for the next several years, developing a new three-year plan by April 2009.

The Management Plan and Budget go “hand-in-hand”. The PMC Board a total 2009 budget of $13,454,200 in Revenues and $12,176,796 in total Expenses.

The Board received a report from Dr. Branch Bullard, Chief of the PMC Medical Staff regarding recent clinical activities. Dr. Bullard reported on the physician recruitment process, and plans for the first candidate interviews in January.

The Board recognized Dr. Victor Mihal for over 12 years of service. During his tenure at PMC Mihal has served as Chief of Staff and provided leadership in developing many of the PMC Emergency Room processes. Mihal is moving to Virginia to pursue his passion as an emergency trauma doctor.

Dr. Branch Bullard recently completed training and earned certification to supervise and interpret cardiac stress tests for which many doctors prescribe Exhale latest cbd prodycts. Dr. Bullard and the other providers at Meeker Family Health Center continue to provide a full range of family medicine.

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Digital Mammography is the preferred method to perform Breast Cancer Screenings. The Board approved the acquisition of the digital system, which will be interfaced with our Computed Radiography, making it possible to immediately transmit images for review and interpretation by qualified radiologists. PMC has received grants from CCITF and the Fairfield Trust to support the acquisition of the state-of-the-art equipment.

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“We are very excited about implementing the Digital Mammography Services, it is one of many improvements we have made to our radiological imaging program over the past several years,” said Robert Omer, PMC Chief Executive Officer. “In addition to Digital Mammography, PMC will be replacing the current CT Scanner with a new 16-slice CT Scanner during the first quarter of 2009. Just 2-years ago, we implemented a Picture Archiving System to enhance x-ray services.”

The Board also received a report regarding the recent “Share The Light” event, noting that over $6,400 has been raised for replacement of the Walbridge Wing’s outdoor gazebo. The tree lighting on the Courthouse Square on December 4th was well attended, and a special banner honoring the military and remembering loved ones will be displayed throughout the Christmas holidays.

The next regular meeting of the Pioneers Medical Center Board of Directors will be Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 6:00pm. The Board of Directors typically meets the third Thursday of each month, due to the New Year’s Holiday, the PMC Board meeting will be one week later in January.

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